The brand identity represents your brand or service. It defines you and makes you unique.

Creating a balanced, striking and versatile identity is the first step to convey confidence and stability to the customer, in addition to facilitating the identification of your company in the most varied places.

This package includes:


1. Logo: Image that represents your brand. You will use it in all your graphic materials.


2. Sub-brand: Reduction of your main logo, more objectively for applications in a circular shape.


3. Logo variation: A third recognition option for your brand.


4. Color variations: It's your main, icon and sub-brand in a different color (does not change the structure, only the color).


5. Watermark: Logo and sub-brand art with no background. To apply to your photos, for example.


6. Mockup: Digital presentation of your logo on a product, such as a business card, cup, tag, etc.


7. Professional presentation of the brand: Presentation in PDF containing all the information about the brand and its design.

     7.1 Concept: Synthesis of ideas thought for the brand.

     7.2 Color palette: Colors used in your visual identity. Used to create graphic pieces, websites, posts etc (For professionals and for the client himself).

     7.3 Typography: Name of the fonts that were used in your visual identity.


Our creation process basically has five steps:

First step: Payment is completed and contract needs to be signed.

Second step: You will receive a confirmation email along with the link to the briefing questionnaire, there you will tell us about your work and your design preferences. At this stage you can also send us references by email.


Third stage: Design (After organizing the ideas, we will start the project). THE DATE WILL BE SCHEDULED.


Fourth step: Review (You will give us feedback and if necessary, we will make adjustments. DEADLINE: 3 BUSINESS DAYS.


Fifth step: File delivery (We will close the files and send them by email with a download link). TERM: 2 BUSINESS DAYS.


The designs are sent in the following formats: PDF (VECTOR), PNG AND JPG.

It is EXTREMELY important that the customer reads the TERMS OF USE as they contain the terms of the contract and information such as the return of amounts paid.


AVERAGE time to completion: 15 working days.

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